Spring Challenge Day 2: Forsythia! I love this bush, bright yellow beacons of Spring in so many gardens across the pretty villages of the Yorkshire Dales. I finally bought one and planted it on my garden a few days ago!The Forsythia ‘fairy’ is my eldest daughter.

Snowdrops in the Snow

I’m so happy now that the sun is shining and the trees are blossoming. Snowdrops are the first sign of warmer days, their tiny, brave, white blooms push their way through the icy snow to let us know that Spring has arrived at last.

Red Squirrel mum and babies

This illustration was created for Mother’s Day, to celebrate all the mum’s out there. There is a deep connection between us human mums and the wild animal mums. We both have a primal deep need to protect and nurture our young, to raise them to be as strong and healthy as possible and equip our…