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Hi! I’m Michelle Wade, a South African artist, designer and ceramic sculptor located in the Yorkshire Dales.

I create art inspired by nature; the intricate patterns of a seed pod; the spirit and personality of an animal; the wisdom and strength of a tree.

I hope that my art inspires more awareness and love for the beauty of nature and helps to nurture a need for conservation.

I was born and raised in South Africa, I have an honours degree in graphic design and have worked as a graphic designer and lecturer for about 20 years in South Africa.

My family and I relocated to the UK five years ago and although I enjoy my work as a designer, I needed a change in my artistic career. I wanted to return to illustrating and hand-created art to express my ideas, values and personal experiences.  I several visual diaries I illustrate the things I find or see or create a memory of a place or a feeling or an object. I enjoy working in pen and ink with watercolour and sometimes elements of collage. I create ceramic sculptures and I love working in 3 dimensions, the feeling of the clay, the way you can almost create something that feels alive, I love to experiment with different clay, different processes, different techniques to add colour through slips and glazes, I like to look for unusual solutions to create a specific texture or feeling

I am inspired by the nature, all wildlife and the characteristics of animals and birds, the relationships they have with each other and with humans, trees, grasses, flowers, insects etc. I am inspired by growth, natural life cycles, symbiotic relationships. I love absolutely love the intricate architecture and functionality of seed pods, I love textures in nature; a frosty leaf, the bark of a tree, the middle of a flower, the markings on a cheetah, the spines on a hedgehog. I strongly believe that we need to work collaboratively to restore, nurture and protect all nature. We need to reverse the damage we’ve done and put much more effort into wildlife conservation. My work is illustrative, quite detailed, has a strong narrative, is often a little whimsical, usually colourful, both organic yet structured.

“How talented is Michelle Emma Wade! Just purchased this Queen Bee cushion from Michelle knowing it would be a perfect match for the colours in Olivia’s bedroom. Keep an eye out for her other designs. Can highly recommend and am thoroughly pleased with this design (as is Olivia). @Emmedesign #shoplocal

Viv Horton February 2021

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