ceramic sculpture

I hand-build sculptures, pots and wall decorations and enjoy working with different clays to achieve different effects. I love experimenting with new ideas and learning new techniques. I enjoy working with various glazes to achieve different colour effects.

I like to create my sculptures from nature, animals, seed pods and birds have been may main subject matter.

Fell Pony

Horses through time & folklore

I love horses and they have been a big influence in my ceramic art.

I had an Arabian horse in South Africa and now my daughters ride horses too.

Scottish Kelpie

I started looking at horses through history, how they have lived and worked alongside man for centuries. They fought battles and wars with us, they ploughed our fields and pulled the great ships into harbour, they were once indispensable, and because of their intelligence and unconditional love they became our loyal companions too.

They have naturally featured in many ancient legends, myths and folktales. Horses have even found their way into cultural traditions and many types of toy horses have become much loved toys.

I love experimenting with texture, colour and techniques to create my collection.

Galloping Horse
Swedish Dala Horse
Hobby Horse

Raku Apples, Pears, Acorns & organic shapes

Imaginative Bird Wall Plaques

Blue Tit

I love birds, often I think that they are the only truly free wildlife that still exist on earth. I have always watched birds, and filled bird feeders for them. Birds are fascinating, the way they move, group together, interact with one another, build nests, find a life partner, raise chicks. They are as varied in their behaviours as they are in their colour, form and size. I was playful with these ceramics, they are whimsical, imaginative, patterned and textured.

Bird of Paradise

Whimsical Pod Sculptures

I adore seed pods. They are magical, in their myriad of forms, in their intricate detailed beauty, in their structural and functional mechanics, in their nurturing, protective roles. These garden sculptures are a celebration and a tribute to seed pods. They are fantastical and imaginary but inspired by nature’s perfection. I crocheted pieces onto the pods and left holes in the ceramics to thread the crocheted additions through. I enjoyed exploring this idea and like to mix two crafts/skills together to create something unexpected.