illustration and art

I love to draw, my visual journal is never far from me and goes on all of our holidays, day-trips and walks, along with a huge pencil case full of pens, pencils, watercolours, brushes and any other creative bits n bobs I think I might need for that day’s illustration.

I am inspired by the natural world, I adore seed pods, their organic but exquisite forms are so intricate and beautiful. I also love to illustrate wild animals and hope that the wildlife conservation message starts to resonate with more people and that in a small way my art may influence people to really see, appreciate and love all animals and nature as much as I do. My style is illustrative and detailed, and has a strong narrative. It is whimsical and usually colourful. My subject matter is almost always organic. I create mostly in pen and ink with watercolour, but I enjoy using a variety of media, including acrylic paint and pens, gel pens, pencils, paper collage, printing etc.

12 days wild [winter]

These illustrations were inspired by the cold, snowy winter season. I illustrated animals and birds within this new wintery landscape with pen and ink, watercolours, soft pastels and collage.

Winter Fox

Snow Hare

30 days wild [summer]

I am a member of the Wildlife Trust (UK) and every year they have a 30 days wild challenge: to challenge people to do one wild thing per day, to appreciate and get in touch with nature, this could range from walking on the grass barefoot, to dancing in the rain, to watching a bee collect nectar. I challenged myself to create a new Illustration each day of something wild or natural I had seen, and these are my illustrations…

Curlews flying over the ancient henge
Fresian Cow looking over a Yorkshire dry stone wall
Little Hedgehog in the Autumn

Sea glass shining brightly on the beach at Seaham

Sheep Dog at the Masham Sheep Dog Trials

Illustrations inspired by lovely memories

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